Our group of progressive and experienced brands and services makes the difference

HAHN Automation is a special machinery manufacturing company that develops innovative solutions for automating our customers’ production processes. As an internationally operating company, HAHN Automation specializes in the automation of assembly and testing processes related to rubber, plastic and metal parts. It is through our years of experience, innovative developments and a high degree of quality awareness that HAHN Automation has become a leading special machinery manufacturing company the world over.


DFT Maschinenbau GmbH specializes in automated assembly and testing technology. The SME-sector company based in Upper Austria has a workforce of around 100 people and develops and produces pumps, brake systems, exhaust gas after-treatment systems, gears, turbochargers, car electrical systems, and safety boxes for the automotive industry. The technological expertise gained over more than 20 years is reflected in the company’s solutions-focused added value chain, from research and development through to after-sales service.


For over 20 years GeKu has been implementing individual automation and handling solutions for companies in the industrial and automotive electronics sector, with focus on hybrid parts made of metal and plastic. The portfolio includes system robots, handling technology, conveyor and packaging systems as well as quality assurance systems.


Invotec Engineering Inc. designs and manufactures custom automation, assembly, test, and inspection equipment for manufacturers in a variety of complex, highly-regulated industries – including medical device and automotive. Invotec’s technical solutions include: complex assembly equipment, controls engineering, error proofing, machine vision systems, mechanical assembly systems, micro laser processing, precision joining, and test systems.


KITOV Systems, based in Israel, is a pioneer in the area of automated, visual inspection for industrial manufacturing. By using advanced machine vision, artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, the systems of KITOV reduce manufacturing costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve yield without the need for any programming or automation expertise.


With the acquisition of Rethink Robotics’ assets by the HAHN Group in October 2018, Rethink Robotics meets German Engineering. Rethink Robotics is now building on the know-how and experience of one of the leaders in the fields of industrial automatization and robotics. Our mission remains the same: we want to help manufacturers around the world automate more than ever before.


HAHN Robotics focuses on a new field, specializing in collaborative robotics. HAHN Robotics is „exclusive distributor“ for Rethink Robotics, delivering MRC solutions in a wide range of applications with the smart collaborative robot, Sawyer™. In addition to the actual robots, HAHN Robotics also offers feasibility studies and customer-specific applications as  system integrator for successful collaborative automation. Headquartered in Reinheim, Germany, the company operates throughout Europe while advising customers in central and southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and large parts of Eastern Europe.


HAHN RobShare is prepared to rent Cobots to face the latest developments of the working world. Start counting on the opportunities of human-robot-collaboration today and enhance your workforce with smart and collaborative robots: the RobShare Cobots. Designed for smart automation.


Waldorf Technik, headquartered in Engen, Germany, has around 100 employees and specializes in the automation for injection moulding processes with cycle times between 2-20 seconds and high number of cavities. Since its founding, 30 years ago, the company has been able to continuously expand its market position. The combination of deep understanding for its customers on the one hand, and innovation on the other, has helped to secure their success through experience, security and technical know-how.


For over 30 years, Walther Systemtechnik GmbH has been a competent partner for all tasks regarding the dosing and application of fluid and pasty materials. Process safety, high precision of the applied quantity, and pinpoint application are our strengths. We develop and build systems for numerous dosing applications, e.g. for the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, rubber, chemical, or metal processing industries. Expert design engineers as well as state-of-the-art production and assembly in mechanical engineering and jig manufacturing enable us to supply custom-designed, integrated solutions worldwide.



WEMO operates internationally, specializing in robotic systems and automation applications for injection moulding machines. Thanks to its years of experience, innovative developments and a high degree of quality awareness, it,  has become a leading company the world over.