Do You Know EVE? Smart, Industrial IoT Solutions

With EVE smart services, the HAHN Group expands its comprehensive service portfolio in the area of digitalization. Thanks to its longstanding process expertise, HAHN delivers—using state-of-the-art technologies and a goal-oriented mindset in the era of Industry 4.0.

EVE offers guided, individualized support via augmented reality (AR) during video calls as well as pro­active maintenance of robots and systems via dashboards.

Our goal is to continuously invest in EVE Smart Services in order to help our customers increase their output and face the future demands of digital automation—the next level of automation.

Your advantage: more productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality.

Always Up-to-Date With »EVE connect«

Our cross-device dashboards make it possible to easily monitor machine status from a PC, smartphone, or tablet. The transparent listing of all production machines and robotic cells is now plant-independent and can be expanded at any time. The user-friendly interface provides a quick and uncomplicated view of the actual status of your production equipment. Email notifications and easy-to-send service requests facilitate a timely and, above all, targeted intervention into the respective process chain.

“The most important advantage for us is the continuous monitoring of our machine status. For example, insights gained can be applied to the production control to accelerate maintenance by working faster and more result-oriented. Therefore, it is possible to achieve continuous improvement of the machine, the operators, and the work environment.”

Paul Sandmann, Industrial Engineering, Veritas Thüringen GmbH

Your Advantage
  • Transparent production control
  • Reduced downtime
  • Notification via PC, smartphone, or tablet (email notifications)
  • Flexible setup of user accounts and access rights
  • Easy status checks at any place and time
  • Highly-secured information storage

One-on-One Assistance With »EVE augment«

With EVE augment, an innovative communication technology, our customers benefit from exclusive service within the field of Augmented Reality (AR). Video calls together with smart glasses (or a mobile device with an appropriate App) provide personal, global support in real-time. Throughout the live transmission, our experienced service technicians offer their professional support in the form of demonstration, messaging, and data uploads. This avoids costly, time-consuming on-site support measures. Another tremendous advantage when using smart glasses is that the user has both hands free to work.

“What the smart glasses allow me to do in this case is have an expert on site via internet. The glasses provide the service technician a view of what I see and allow him to show me the next steps that I have to take in order to reteach a robot a new position. One of the big advantages is that I have both hands free and don’t have to be on the phone with someone. The time difference between getting a task done with the AR glasses versus talking through a phone is enormous. It’s been a very good experience, and I’m looking forward to using the glasses more in production.”

Dennis Dorby, thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America, Inc.

Your Advantage
  • Shorter response times, faster online support
  • Hands-free working with smart glasses
  • Efficient training with real life experience
  • Shorter inspection and test times
  • Reduced machine downtime(with real-time analysis and fact finding)
  • Highly-secured information storage

Simplified Machine Changeover With »EVE interact«

With this web-based, interactive platform, you have the ability to quickly and easily changeover the components of a machine via guided instructions. With EVE interact, changeover plans are visualized digitally in the browser window so that changeover errors can be reduced through a prescribed sequence of traceable steps. Setup in the database is performed by a data import from your ERP system. An interface provides seamless communication between the PLC and database. Graphic files can even be imported individually.

“Our goals? Eliminate changeover errors, avoid rejects, and increase the satisfaction of our most demanding customers in the automotive industry. A partner we can trust, one who knows our machines and processes in detail, should support us in reaching these goals. It is no surprise that we chose HAHN to be that partner. In close cooperation, we compiled our ideas and formulated our requirements. The result was the perfect solution for us to changeover our production equipment quickly.”

Production Manager, Automotive Industry

Your Advantage
  • Accelleration of production ramp-up after changeover
  • Even faster machine changeover
  • Fewer errors (clearly defined specifications)
  • Automatic part recognition via RFID chips (optional)
  • Digital changeover plan—transparent overview
  • Production release possible after changeover control

The Highest Degree of Optimization With »EVE optimize«

EVE optimize enables you to get the very best out of your production equipment. OEE performance figures are compiled digitally in real-time. Machine downtime and failures are recorded and classified. Thanks to our expertise, data is correctly interpreted and machine optimization measures are defined. We offer professional, real-time support—even remote access and off-site monitoring. Of course, the user-friendly web interface also works with mobile devices such as tablets. Existing equipment can also be optimized.

“Data is collected from our existing equipment with little effort and minor invest­ment then evaluated with competence by HAHN. The goal is to optimize the lifetime of the machines and their output so the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will be increased.”

Marcus Steiner, CEO, ULTRA REFLEX GmbH

Your Advantage
  • User-friendly and compatible with new or existing machines
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Predefined reports and KPIs
  • Remote access(anywhere / anytime)
  • Simple setup
  • Highly-secured information storage