HAHN Automation opens a new location in Villingen-Schwenningen, focusing on the healthcare industry

HAHN Automation Süd in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, develops into a technology center for the healthcare industry

Since August 1, 2020, the original Invotec Deutschland GmbH has been operating under the new name HAHN Automation Süd GmbH. As a subsidiary of HAHN Automation with headquarters in Rheinböllen, Rhineland-Palatinate, the company will benefit even more of the synergies within the company network. On September 17, 2020, the location was opened with a small group of attendants at the Technologiepark-VS. Together with his guests, managing director Armin Doser looked back on the last 1.5 years as managing director of Invotec GmbH and gave an impressive outlook on the planned development of HAHN Automation Süd.

With a clear focus on the healthcare industry, HAHN Automation Süd will carry out projects relating to automation and testing in the production of medical devices and systems, as well as offering the validation of the relevant systems.

Big steps are planned for the future of the company. Frank Konrad as CEO and global managing director of HAHN Automation, looks confidently towards the future and strongly believes in the development of this site. Philipp Klaschka, CRO of HAHN Automation, presents the gradual development strategy of the location as follows: “With currently seven employees, HAHN Automation Süd is still one of the smallest sites within the HAHN Group, which should change quickly. As early as 2025 we want to employ 80 people in Villingen-Schwenningen and handle projects worth up to two million euros.”

“In the engineering sector in particular, skilled workers will be needed in the next few years,” explains Armin Doser, managing director of  HAHN Automation Süd. “This is why we would like to work closely with regional and national universities in order to promote the next generation of skilled workers.”

Keeping up with the technology of tomorrow, at the end of the event, guests had the opportunity to view production lines for the manufacturing of products in the healthcare sector, as well as to program the innovative SmartSolutions processing systems. These were presented to the market in August 2020 and represent an absolute innovation in the field of automation systems. Various solutions for the healthcare industry are also planned in the field of SmartSolutions, which will benefit greatly from the expertise of the team in Villingen-Schwenningen.

HAHN Automation presents “SmartSolutions” for easy operation in industrial automation

HAHN Automation presents the product innovation SmartSolutions as industrial automation solution for manufacturing companies

On August 20, 2020 the machine building company HAHN Automation will present “SmartSolutions,” their newest product series with “SmartSolutions”. The industrial processing systems can represent a variety of processes and are particularly easy to operate. In combination with the specially developed software “SIA” (smart intuitive automation), users can set up and control their systems on a tablet. The user interface design is similar to a smartphone, using symbols and graphics to display changeable parameters. Even inexperienced operators can quickly find their way around the software and adapt the SmartSolutions systems to their individual requirements.

The SmartSolutions are each equipped with a camera that sends a live photo during the setup process, for maximum precision in the definition of processing points. Due to the intelligent menu navigation, operators know at all times, which step of the process they are currently at. The system guides the user through a step-by-step setup process, while graphic elements facilitate operation and make the user interface well-structured and easy to understand. In addition, some program sections are already preconfigured and included in the delivery, meaning that the operator can access them as needed at any time.

“Our goal was to develop a machining system that is easy to operate for anyone without any technical knowledge and yet does not allow any compromises in precision” explains Frank Konrad, Managing Director of HAHN Automation. “SmartSolutions can map almost every conceivable industrial machining process and are suitable for articles starting from a batch size of one single item”, Konrad elaborates about the new product series. With the development of the SmartSolutions and their intuitively operable software “SIA” HAHN Automation has succeeded in creating an absolute market innovation.

In August the “SmartSolutions Press” for joining and press-in processes, “SmartSolutions Torque” for screwing processes and the “SmartSolutions Dispense” for dosing and greasing will be presented to the market. Further system types for laser marking and optical inspection are already in development.

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