HAHN Group Onboarding – An experience report

Sven Roth has become part of the HAHN Group corporate network in September 2021 in his role as a product manager at Walther Systemtechnik. To make it easier for him and other colleagues to get started during the pandemic, the HAHN Group People & Culture team hosts regular onboarding events. Elif Özdemir, HR Recruiter & Coordinator, spoke about Sven’s individual onboarding experiences.


Elif: Hello Sven, thank you very much for your time and willingness to be interviewed about onboarding at HAHN Group. I’ll start with a classic question first: How did you come to HAHN Group?


Sven: The first time I considered the HAHN Group or Walther Systemtechnik GmbH as a future employer was about a year ago. In a conversation with a former colleague, who has been working at Walther Systemtechnik for several years, I learned more about the integration of the company into the HAHN Group. The associated structural change and the new opportunities that arise from operating within the group made me curious and so one thing led to another.


Elif: On 01.09.2021 you had your first working day at Walther Systemtechnik GmbH. What do you remember most about your first working days at HAHN Group?


Sven: I would describe my first working days and also the first points of contact before that with the words familiar and appreciative. In particular, the helpfulness of my colleagues with the many questions I had at the beginning — and still have — will remain in my memory for a long time. My onboarding was already firmly scheduled for the first few weeks. I was introduced to the technology and internal processes and had many appointments here on site to get to know the company. Already on my third working day, the HAHN Group’s welcome event “Welcome@HAHN” took place. For me, this was a nice opportunity to get to know the group of companies and the culture of the “extended family” better.


Elif: Let’s go into more detail about the “Welcome@HAHN” event. How did you feel about the content of the event, what was your impression? What conclusions do you draw from it?


Sven: I approached the “Welcome@HAHN” event with a very open mind. The event is new, therefore we had little experience with it here in Germersheim. I was interested to learn more about the overall strategy across the individual divisions.

In particular, I remember that Axel took the time for us and gave us exciting insights into the strategy and vision of the HAHN Group.

I also found the presentations by Cordula, Ingo and Co. very informative and helpful. Accordingly, I found it positive that in addition to the presentations, there was also room for questions from the ranks of the newcomers.

The event itself took place online, in order to accommodate the circumstances with Covid-19. In retrospect, I did not perceive this as a disadvantage. On the contrary, I would endorse the virtual format even away from Covid-19. Despite the remote event, it was not sober and dry. The interactive round of introductions & the HAHN quiz made the virtual get-to-know-you experience surprisingly lively. Even though I didn’t take first place I now know that a halfpipe even fits in a car garage to pursue the hobby of skateboarding even in bad weather!

From the current perspective, I find the event particularly valuable for another reason. It serves the purpose of networking across locations and promotes the group idea right from the start – which I think is one of the greatest strengths of the HAHN Group.


Elif: Looking back, how satisfied were you with your onboarding in general?


Sven: Very. In my case, onboarding was already fully scheduled for the first few weeks before my first day of work. Accordingly, I was able to quickly familiarize myself with the processes that were new to me and knew the appropriate contact persons for all questions that were still to come.


Elif: Finally, the last question: Can you describe your onboarding in one sentence?


Sven: Appreciative, friendly and exciting without exception!


Elif: Thank you very much, Sven!

Spray smart – the new I4.0 spray valve from Walther

Walther Systemtechnik presents its new spray valve for maximum process control as well as an increase in process capability, overall system effectiveness (OEE) and product quality.

The spraying of low to medium viscosity media is one of the most common forms of application of the most varied of fluids across almost all branches of industry. The correctly applied spray quantity plays just as important a role as the required spray pattern to ensure that the applied medium fulfills its function. In practice, however, there are numerous disruptive factors that can have a negative effect on the quality of the spray pattern and require the process parameters to be adjusted.

Walther meets these challenges of a volatile work environment with the new WSV spray valve of the current I4.0 product family. The integral compact design combines a pressure sensor, a valve heater with associated temperature control and the electronics for control, monitoring and online evaluation of the process data. Extensive connectivity to peripheral devices is ensured through various analog and digital connections as well as an Ethernet connection. For the first time, this allows remote parameterization and remote diagnosis of the valve via a corresponding web interface, virtually on-the-fly. Several parameter sets can be stored and process variables can be documented. For the user, this means maximum process control and, as a result, an increase in process capability, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and product quality. In addition, software ADD-ONS and firmware updates, which can be installed and activated later if necessary, promise additional scope for future problems.

In addition to a smart valve, Walther offers other I4.0-based fluid components within the product family. Whether pumps, media storage, filter systems or modules for air bubble discharge – with additional integrated sensors, important process and status variables can be recorded and evaluated over the entire fluid line in real time and used to maximize the system key figure.

As an innovation driver, Walther ensures the future viability of its customer applications with the current I4.0 product family and, with over two decades of experience in dosing technology, positions itself as a reliable partner for the implementation of standard solutions through to individual complete systems.